In the Middle of Everything

by Nurture

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released January 18, 2013

Recorded at Rising Tide Studios with Anthony Lunn.
Mixed and mastered by Anthony Lunn.
All songs by Nurture.
Art by Sasha Schilbrack-Cole.



all rights reserved


Nurture Athens, Georgia

Nurture is Dionnet, Sasha, and Terence.

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Track Name: Eye on the Back of My Hand
Would they walk away?
Or is it good I'm shut out?
Clustered, and let it build.
This is not okay.
Nothing's ever the way I wish it to be.
Closed Ears. Drown the sound of comfort out.
(I'll leave everything behind to justify my mistakes.)
I won't ever be able to say exactly what I mean.
There's an eye on the back of my hand,
and it won't let me live.
Track Name: Branches and Time
Do flaws describe action
or are actions our ideals
we all think the opposite

from the beginning
you never say their worth
so I wrote that on my arm

What's permanent
without meaning?
my mind ebbs and flows

my patience is stagnant
but now I have none left.

my back is yours
(and you're always welcome)
Where I no longer live
(waiting on sleep)
we're left expecting for hours.

and no matter (the time elapsed)
it's hard not to pick up (the same pen)
I'm drawing trees in the book you gave me

the limbs push
out my ribcage
what's grown
has left us trapped.
Track Name: Mercenary I
I'll wait. Time is growing old, but it teaches us things we'll never get to see. I'll wait so I can govern the time with a say of my own. Each our own.
Track Name: Mercenary II
Don't take this away.
(You don't know how much this means to me.)
This is not a way to be.
What you can't see can hurt me.
Don't take this away.
(You don't know how much this means to me.)
I am the thorns on your rose in the garden you wish I loved.
Don't hit the clock/ and cut me out.
Don't hit the clock/ and cut me out.
I know we hit running the wrong direction.
But we have more choices.